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Why We Need You.

Enrollment has increased steadily over the last several years.  We are out of space at both schools.

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Current enrollment is over capacity 


Growth is expected to continue.

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Current Impact on Our Schools

  • Preschool - Space for 2 sections, but need 4

  • Elementary School - All grades maxed out at 4 sections except 4th grade, which has 3 sections.

    • Conversion of small group spaces to classrooms​

    • Future classrooms will be in portables or the current music/art rooms

    • Computer lab was eliminated

    • Lunch, playground/recess, and teacher spaces are difficult to coordinate and schedule with so many students (e.g., first lunch starts at 10:45AM).

  • Middle / High School

    • Multiple courses no longer offered with future cuts likely​

    • Enrollment limits on some courses

    • Limits on space have multiple teachers sharing space

      • Example: 6 science teachers, but only 3 science labs​

    • Large class size

      • MS English and language arts​

      • HS social studies

      • Spanish

      • Health, PE, weights

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