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  • The levy will be based on property values

  • The net difference on tax rate will be $0.02 from 2019

    • Wrap current bonds into new bonds

    • Eliminate special building fund

    • District valuation increases would allow for future decreases to general fund levy

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How will we pay for it?

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What does this mean for property taxes?

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Agricultural Land (per acre)

Building Our Future Presentation 9-15-20

Agricultural Land (160 acres)

Building Our Future Presentation 9-15-20

How will the bond money be spent?

The project consists of 3 parts:

  1. PreK-2nd grade building

  2. Middle School building (master planned to become the future High School)

  3. Performing Arts Auditorium (attached to Middle School)

The price also includes: 

  • Utility Infrastructure

    • Sanitary sewer​

    • Water

    • Storm sewer 

    • Power

  • Streets and Roadways

    • Connection to existing streets and roadways​

    • Connection to future development

    • Traffic flow and turning movements

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What will we gain?

  • Space for current students

  • Space for future students to meet projected growth

  • More classes offered

  • Continued smaller class sizes

  • More inclusive education for all of our students

  • Community engagement through the Fine Arts Auditorium

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