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Frequently Asked Questions 

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  • Construction projects often go over budget. What if the project exceeds $59.9 million? 

    • The budget cannot and will not exceed $59.9 million.

  • Once we have four school buildings to maintain instead of two, won't the General Fund portion of the levy also be increased? In other words, won't the levy creep up over time on top of the increased levy for the bond? 

    • There will be some added cost for operating two additional buildings. The state aid formula does allow increase in aid due to increased enrollment as well as additional funding through the state during the first years a new building is open which will offset some potential costs. Continued increases in valuations can also provide an avenue to offset increases to the general levy.

  • The biggest growth is at the elementary school. Why not just build a new elementary school now and construct a new middle or high school later down the road? 

    • Growth impacts the entire district, not just the elementary school. Due to enrollment increases, class sizes at all ages are also increasing, putting both schools overcapacity. The school district has been forced to drop certain courses with students being turned away from desired learning opportunities.

  • Do we really need a 750-seat auditorium? 

    • The auditorium will provide much needed program space to support various classes and extracurricular activities, such as band, vocal music, drama and speech. It will be accessible by all and will be an asset to the entire Ashland-Greenwood community.

  • What happens if private funds are raised for the auditorium? 

    • Any funds raised privately will decrease the amount borrowed by the school district reducing the $59.9 million bond referendum amount.

  • What happens if the bond fails? 

    • We expect the school to begin using portable classrooms next year regardless of whether the bond passes. If the bond fails, the portables will be used long-term. Portables are costly and do not alleviate pressure in the cafeteria and commons spaces.

    • The symptoms of overcrowding will not go away as the community population and school district enrollment continue to grow. In the elementary school, some students eat lunch mid-morning and students may have less access to classes like P.E., music and art due to a lack of space. In the middle school/high school, class offerings will continue to be reduced.

  • This is a hard time with COVID. Can't we postpone a building project for a year or two?

    • The A-G student population continues to grow despite the current pandemic. Currently, interest rates are at an all-time low, giving the school district an opportunity to put more money toward building and less money toward financing. By passing the bond, the community will not see any impact on their taxes until 2021.

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