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The Solution.

The proposed solution includes three new buildings financed with a school bond levy in the amount of $59,895,071.

  1. New PreK-2nd Grade Building (estimated completion Fall 2022)

  2. New Middle School Building (estimated completion Fall 2023; master planned to become the future High School)

  3. New Performing Arts Auditorium (attached to Middle School; estimated completion Fall 2023)

  • Existing Elementary School will contain Grades 3-5​

  • Existing High School will retain Grades 9-12

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Building Specifics

PreK-2nd Grade Building (79,327 SF)

  • Designed to accommodate 6 sections/grade (450 students)

  • Three pre-school classrooms x 1/2 Day (90 students)

  • Eighteen K-2 classrooms x 20/class (360 students)

Middle School Building (115,000 SF)

  • Designed to accommodate 6 sections/grade (450 students)

  • Core Facilities: cafeteria, kitchen, media, support to accommodate future high school program capacity 

  • Includes: 

    • New high school competition gym, capacity of 1,200​

    • High school and middle school wrestling rooms

    • Locker rooms, training room, officials changing room

    • Fine Arts Auditorium (20,000 SF)

      • Seating capacity of 750​

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